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May 2009



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May. 28th, 2009

(no subject)

we just found out today that the house we are trying to buy was appraised 5K less then what the asking price is.

so now we have to wait to see what the seller does, either he comes down in price (which would be way nice for us because we are getting a super good deal on the house) or he doesnt which means we walk away and continue to house hunt.

i hate waiting.

Apr. 27th, 2009

(no subject)

we finally found a house that we love. its almost perfect. besides finishing the basement (which wont be for a few years), putting in a pantry in the kitchen, and painting our bedroom there isnt much else to do it. so we wrote an offer and after some negotiations, it was accepted. now we have the home inspection this week which i hope goes smoothly. after that if all goes well with the appraisal and everything else, we will be home owners by june 15th. im excited. the house is in akron which is kind of a hike from everyone in lakewood/cleveland but it is super close to all the restaurants and places i love. i fell head over heels in love with shawn while he was living down there and all our favorite spots are there. granted we have found some great places here in lakewood, it isnt the same.

the house has a great backyard. its fenced in and plenty of room for a four legged furry friend that shawn wants to adopt soon. they are leaving the patio furniture and the gazebo too. they are alittle chewed up by their dogs but it gives us something to sit on until we have money saved up for a new set.

i cant wait to come home to our house. our own house. sit in the backyard drinking margs on a summer night just enjoying the weather and our yard. i better stop before i jinx the whole thing.

Apr. 3rd, 2009

(no subject)

We withdrew our offer yesterday on the house. we had been waiting 5 weeks and still had not heard if they accepted, declined or would counter our offer. Plus we thought the house was going through a short sale and it wasnt. the seller never did the paperwork and was not planning on doing it. the seller just planned to let the house fall into foreclosure and let the house go to auction....which could be six months from now or longer.

now that we dont have an offer sitting on the table anywhere, we are starting the search again for a house. this weekend we are looking in middleburg hts and parma hts.

we are pretty excited to get out there again and start looking. even though the one in lorain was great, the problems we were dealing with and knew ones that could arise in the future of the sale, we are better off walking away from it. something better is out there and it is only a matter of time before we find it.

Mar. 17th, 2009

(no subject)

* we wrote an offer on a house and now we play the waiting game to see if they accept it. the house is in a short sale which is done before the house goes into foreclosure. since this is the case, we have to deal with the bank in accepting or declining our offer....so they are taking forever. i just hope they accept it soon so we can get this show on the road and move forward. we offered $65,000.00 on it and we couldnt be happier knowing that if they do accept it we will be paying less in a mortgage then we are in rent at this current time. other then new windows, doors and fresh paint, its good to go.

* sarah and josh's newest addition is almost here. i cant wait to meet her and hold her and just see how amazing she will be. annalise dubecky, get here already.

Oct. 13th, 2008

mrs. dubecky

so i have been married for 2 weeks now, at it is pretty fabulous. we went house hunting yesterday and found a very nice 1940s bungalow in westpark. the price is just right and the location is also pretty sweet, so now we cross our fingers and see what happens.

i am loving this new adventure shawn and i are on. the married life, the house hunting, the future children, the many many years of happiness....i cant wait to see where this crazy ride of life takes us.

congrats to chris and jamie. i wish you many many years of love, happiness and laughter.

Sep. 11th, 2008

(no subject)

i am a college graduate. i graduated with highest honors and i am pretty fucking proud of myself. i worked my ass off for the first time in my life with school, and i dont feel like a dork for doing well. go figure. :)

for the next two weeks i am in ultra work mode. finishing up all the little things like table cards, decorations for the tables, and other lame things that i have to have for the wedding. i am so excited though and cant wait to see what everything looks like especially shawn in his tux waiting for me. i know i am going to sob like a baby but its all good.

so in two weeks and 2 days i am going to be Mrs. Shawn Dubecky. goodness how weird is that? and in two weeks and 3 days i am going to be on the best vacation ever! we are road trippin it to portland maine and to boston. i found all these cool stepehn king movie locations in maine so we are going to be total tourist and check them out. we have also mapped out a bunch of places featured on the foodnetwork Diners, drive-ins and dives. we only plan on eating at one of a kind resturants on our trip...shawn's request which is quite alright with me...and my tummy. :)

i am super excited that it is starting to get crisp out. i lovelovelove fall. its my favorite time of year. the sweaters, boots, mittens and hats, the bonefires, football games and tailgating, pumpkins, costumes and candy, turkey and mashed taters and lots and lots of family get togethers.....oh fall how i love thee.

Jul. 1st, 2008

(no subject)

its been quite some time since i have posted anything. i cant believe that used to be on this thing almost everyday posting something about myself or the new developments. my how things change when life happens.

* i graduate in 7 weeks. those 7 weeks are going to be the lost weeks of my life because of all the crap i have to do before that day. im not even close to accomplishing my goal after that...i still have to get my BA in social science and for that i kick myself for making such a poor decision on my choice of school. i really took a step backwards in the sense of getting what i really want, but when you break it all down it did help me. i have never been so passionate about my work like writing, debating and researching. it is like my brain has finally allowed me to step it up a notch and do well in school and actually become of a more well rounded person.

* i am getting married in less then 3 months. christ where did this year go? even though this hasnt been the easiest thing to do i dont care. i am marrying shawn and to me that is all that matters.

* nolan is growing up so fast and it is amazing to just watch him trying to figure out things. he is now standing on his own and walking if he holds onto something. i cant belive that just last month he was learning how to crawl. that little boy just makes me smile.

* my other nephew noah is starting to make me worry. i have such huge issues with shawn's sister and her parenting and so does everyone else. she basically ignores him and does not take any interest in anything he does or would like to do. she wouldnt even take him to the library because to her that isnt something she would like to do. because of this, noah acts out for attention (good or bad) and has alot of pent up anger inside. a five year old shouldnt have pent up anger. it breaks my heart to see this happening. we step in as much as we can to take him to museums or events that he would like in order to spend time with him and just let him be a kid. talking to his sister about this has only resulted in her telling us to back off and let her raise her own kid. its hurting the whole family.

* i started painting again and i must say it is the best feeling in the world....well to most things. i havent painted since we moved in back in october and there are so many ideas just flowing through my brain its almost crazy.

well that is that i guess.

May. 21st, 2008

(no subject)

i cant believe that i just have this week to complete then i am done with school for a two week mini-vaca. then just 11 weeks and then im done. thank god for graduation. this quarter was just so overwhelming with all the papers and projects and presentations that i havent been able to think straight. it will be good to just do something other then school work for a little bit.

nothing much is happening with wedding planning and that is a problem. i really need to jump start that and get a move on but again i have been to busy doing other things. i need to channel my energy to doing all the little stuff now so when it comes down to the line im not going too nuts. there is also alot of issues and unneeded stress coming out and it is causing shawn to keep saying 'lets just elope'. if the girls hadnt paid for their dresses, i would be on the bandwagon. the issue of us not getting married in a church is forsurely the biggest stresser. it was our choice and our choice only and if people have a problem then thats their choice to not come. im not changing what we want or what we feel is appropirate for us at this time because someone thinks we are doing the 'wrong thing'.

i am sure that the ever growing headaches and stress and tears will not matter on 9/27 when i marry shawn, but hell this is becoming way too much to handle. come on september.

May. 14th, 2008

(no subject)

i have been super busy so i havent had time to really record my thoughts and whatnots on here like i have been wanting to, but here it goes:

wedding things are going well but there is still so much that needs to get done and i am drowning on meeting deadlines i have set for myself. i am hoping that in a few weeks i should be able to tackle those projects since i will be on summer break from school.

school sucks. but i am almost done. come on september so i can graduate.

the kicker of my day was having my bathroom flood which then proceeded to flood the kitchen and the basement. i had to throw away a great deal of food from our pantry and several cook books that were on our counter because they were soaked in water that smelled like sewage. yeah my house smells like a fucking huge gross toliet. rye- you were right. the landlord is a fucking douche bag and i hate him. the kicker. the real kicker is that he told me that it was MY FAULT. my fucking fault because of my hair and my hair conditioner. really??!?!?!? im sorry i thought when you were in the shower you were allowed to wash your hair. fuck you chick. it is his fault for not taking care of the situation and telling us, if the hair is really the issue, what we should be using to correct the situation. since this problem doesnt just have time to build over time, it just happens. and it has happened 4 times since october. 4 FUCKING TIMES. god i cant wait to buy a house and move the heck out of dodge.

sorry for the mass amount of swear words. i am quite mad. very mad. and i feel like i smell like my sewage smelling house. gross.

what a way to start my day. go me.

Apr. 10th, 2008

(no subject)

so last night i decided to ditch my group dynamics class (it is just as lame as it sounds) and catch a movie with my sister. she some how got tickets to the sneak peak of forgetting sarah marshall. let me just say. hilarious. better then knocked up, but not better then super bad...well maybe they could be equals. total guy humor and just outright funny. the only thing...3 minutes into the movie there is awhole lotta penis. 3 or 4 random shots of his junk. my sister and i just died laughing because we knew at the end of the movie they were going to have us fill out a survey about the movie. so we spent the penis time picking out people who would write "forsurely the penis scene needs to be cut" or how offensive they found it. i do have a feeling the penis scene will be on the deleted scenes cause well...its a penis.

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